Doing the laundry is a task not many of us look forward to, right? With a little prep work and a few tricks, dealing with those piles of clothes won’t seem so daunting. Check out our laundry organization tips for making less work out of your next laundry day!


If only clothes were all the same color and fabric… Well, that’s probably not the case in any household, so make sorting easier by dividing your laundry as you go. Use a Laundry Sorter with separate compartments to sort lights from darks after you use them each day. On laundry day, simply carry each bag directly to the washer to avoid making messy clothes piles on the floor.


Clothes are like stain magnets. It’s inevitable. So, tackling stains when they happen will curb the time spent at the utility sink or washer scrubbing to make those nasty stains disappear. Avoid hunting for your spot cleaners and bleach pens by keeping them in the same place where you can find them—beside the washer! A Rolling Cart or an Affixx Laundry Organizer are great solutions to keeping your stain removers at the ready.


Give your clothes dryer a break by opting for line drying. Not all clothes were made for the “tumble dry low” cycle. Delicate fabrics, sweaters and even freshly laundered shoes can benefit from air drying now and then. Try using a drying rack that has multiple levels and drying surfaces so you can air dry all of your items at one time.


Who has time for ironing? When you’re rushing to get ready each morning the best way to get wrinkles out of your wash and wear clothes is to throw them into the dryer for a few minutes with a damp towel and a dryer sheet. A few minutes in the dryer is all it takes, and you are set to go!



Do your bath towels need a refresher? Over time, towels may become stiff or scratchy after laundering and have a lingering odor. Wash towels in hot water with one cup of white vinegar. Run a second time with a ½ cup baking soda. In the meantime, try using an over-door rack to give your towels plenty of room to air dry in between uses.


No time for handwashing? No problem. Laundry Mesh Wash Bags are great for laundering leggings, tights and other delicate undergarments! The fine weave allows water to flow through without the worry of snagging, pilling or tangling in the washing machine.


The laundry room should not be left out of the overall home décor. Most laundry spaces are small enough that you can be adventurous and paint the walls with a bold color and add some inspiring or whimsical artwork on the walls to to express your playful side.