News and UpdatesiD GIVES BACK After Hurricane Harvey


One of the winners of our spring contest, Ariel Gladden, touched our hearts with her gratitude and her story of Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath.  We were so touched, we reached out to Ariel to learn more and to find out how InterDesign could help give back where so much was lost.  Ariel’s story is representative of many within the Houston community, even 9 months after Harvey.  While we can’t help everyone we’d like to, we can drive awareness of those in need long after the media has moved on.

Ariel’s Story

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit her home in Texas and nearly everything was destroyed. With a baby on the way and her husband having lost his job, things became desperate. Hurricane Harvey knocked out power everywhere and left her neighborhood in ruins. “When we managed to leave our apartment, the water was waist-deep, and we locked arms just to make it through knowing that there are alligators and snakes out there,” she said. After making it to safety, Ariel, her husband and dog took refuge at a friend’s house until they could make it to a hotel. Nine months later, they are in a new apartment but still trying to make ends meet with their newborn baby.

iD Gives Back

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to announce we will be helping Ariel organize her kitchen from top to bottom!  We’ll be sharing before and after shots on our pages so stay tuned to see the “iD Gives Back” big reveal!

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