AFFIXX® adhesive organizers are a great addition to your home. They provide an easy solution to adding more storage and organization in areas where it didn’t exist before. AFFIXX® is easy to use and apply. No tools needed.


  • Patented adhesive technology
  • Super strong hold
  • Installs within seconds.
  • No tools required.
  • Quick and easy installation – just peel & stick.
  • Damage free results to most non-porous surface areas* to use over and over again

Applying is Easy

AFFIXX® products feature self-adhesive foam tape with strong hold. AFFIXX® can be used on a variety of surfaces without causing surface damage* including mirrors, glass, tile, fiberglass, metal and wood. Just clean, peel and stick.

First, clean the surface and allow to fully dry.
Remove the film backing.
Place the product in the desired location, pressing firmly against the surface for 60 seconds.

(**Damage-free results by lifting from the corner and pulling away at angle. Does not leave sticky residue. Not recommended for drywall or papered walls.)

For Kitchen, Bath, Laundry And More

There are so many AFFIXX® organizational choices — the options are endless. Organize home essentials by adding new storage areas that never existed before. Available in a variety of styles, AFFIXX® products can be mixed and matched to organize every room in your home.

Organize your vanity essentials, including makeup, cosmetic brushes, beauty supplies, toothbrushes, eyeglasses, jewelry and other small items.
Tidy up office space with AFFIXX®. Neatly organize pens, pencils, notebooks, calculators and other supplies.
Keep laundry products neat and close at hand with AFFIXX®. Store dryer sheets, lint rollers, fabric softeners, bleach pens, spray bottles and cleaning necessities.
Efficiently organize cabinets and pantry with AFFIXX® storage bins. Use them to keep food wrap, spices, dish soap and more organized and within reach.

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