Constant Tension

Constant Tension® is an innovative patented technology for our shower curtain rods. Our rods offer a practical, functional way to add style to your bath while providing a sturdy hold.


  • Patented Constant Tension® technology
  • Long-lasting, sturdy hold
  • Non-skid, stylish end caps; gentle on walls
  • Select from 4 sizes to accommodate most bathtub enclosures
  • Available in a variety of designs and finishes
Constant Tension poles provide a "no tools" solution for quick and easy installation
Press small end against wall to compress spring, align on opposite wall then release.
Will not scratch or mar installation surface.


  • Eliminates “wall walking” and endless twisting
  • Gives you the ability to change your curtain as many times as needed
  • No tools required
  • No mounting hardware

Design & Finish

Our Constant Tension® rods come in a wide assortment of design styles to support many design aesthetics. We offer straight and curved rod options to fit most tub areas. Coated non-slip feet will not scratch or mar walls.

We offer a wide variety of finishes and colors which include brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel with white accents, bronze, white, black, split-finish and a natural “wood grain” look. A number of our rods also have rust-resistant coatings to keep your shower rod looking new.

Size Options

Select from a large number of size options to accommodate most bathtub enclosure openings.

  • S 26”–42″
  • M 43”–75”
  • L 50”–87”
  • XL 78”–108”

Installing is Easy

It’s as simple as extend, pull and twist! No tools are necessary when installing our Constant Tension® rods. Easily update the bath with new curtains as design styles and seasons change.

  1. Pull back tension rod to desired length of opening
  2. Extend 1″ longer than opening
  3. Twist to lock by turning red arrow away from you
  4. Push small end on wall, line up on opposite wall – then release

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