Turn-N-Lock® is an innovative patented technology featuring suction cups that turn and lock into place to create a maximum-strength hold on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, fiberglass and some metals.


  • Turn-N-Lock® maintains a super strong hold
  • Quick and easy installation with no tools required
  • Sliding suction cups are adjustable to avoid grout lines
  • Damage-free results to most non-porous surface areas

Simple Installation

Clean the smooth, non-porous mounting surface and suction cups with a mild detergent. Do not use an abrasive soap. Rinse well and allow surface to completely dry.   

To install, loosen the lock by rotating it counterclockwise until stops. Press and hold firmly.  Turn knobs in the opposite direction until they stop to create a maximum hold. 

For Kitchen, Bath, Laundry and More

Turn-N-Lock® technology allows for easy, damage-free installation in the bathroom and kitchen with a secure hold. Available in a variety of home organization solutions, its versatility adds a whole new level of convenience.

Turn-N-Lock® Innovation Products